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Lyric Lucas

Lyric Lucas

New Jersey


Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY, Masters Degree, MPS
University of The Arts, Philadelphia Pa., BFA

It is my belief that art is everywhere especially in the unnoticed details of everyday items and in our surroundings. Everywhere you look there are interesting subjects that have gone unnoticed. I try to bring them into the spotlight to show their unique relevance and sometimes strangeness. My art is influenced by my lifelong experiences with strange phenomena in premonitions, dreams, sightings, spirits, and spirituality. I do not use stock photographs. All my images are created or photographed by me. I'm a former Art Therapist with extensive training in psychotherapy, which is expressed in many of my emotional images! At times I am unable to get about due to chronic illness so I look around in my own personal environment and pick out special fragments to put a magnifying eye on with my art. My art is eclectic and includes photography, digital art, drawings, and paintings. My art work has been exhibited in New York, Philadelphia, and New Jersey! I have continued to create in various ways over the past 40 years and am currently in the process of writing a book based on my unusual experiences with strange phenomena.

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Out Of The Ordinary

Mannequin Statue Doll Sculpture Gallery

Bedroom Art Gallery

Contests Lyric Lucas hosted on Fine Art America / 2014-2016

Wild And Crazy, Love, Mannequins, Dolls

Enchanted, Science Fiction, Clowns, Male Mannequins, Minimalist Landscape, Fashion Displays, Color White Minimalism.

Shadows, Window And Store Display, 1 Tiny Object, Hood Ornaments, Masks, One Leaf, Railroad Stations, Your Twilight Zone, Masks, One Solid Color, Cool Hippie Rides, Abstract Minimalism, Minimalist Seascape, Abstract Minimalism, One Leaf, Color Black, Crazy Animals, Lawn Mowers, Gas Stations, Chimneys, Crazy Portraits, MINIMALISM Black And White, Abandoned Factories, 1 Tiny Objects, Hand Tools, Chimneys, Gambling Addiction National Awareness Month, Easter Egg Art Contest, Minimalism, Antique Photographs Contest, Funny Photo Contest, Show Us Your Dolls, Presidents Day.

Fine Art America Contest Wins

***Lyric's photograph "Beckoning" won 1st place in the contest "Mannequin" 10/15/14
*** Lyric's photograph "Destiny Calls" won 2nd place in the contest Your Twilight Zone.
***Lyrics photograph "Waiting" won 1st place, "The Game" won 2nd Place, and "Caught" won 3rd place in the contest..Inside The Red Square. 2/16/14
* Lyric's photograph "Dolly Dingle Character Doll" won 2nd place in the contest...Show Me Your Dolls 2/19/14
* Lyric's photograph "The Cover Girl" won 3rd place in the contest - Psychedelic
* Lyric's photograph "Beauty Magazine" won 3rd place in the Contest - Surreal Artist Only New Work New Year Uploaded 2014
* Lyric's photograph "The Queen" was a top finisher in the - Contest - That Photo Best Not Taken

The photographs in my portfolio do not belong to the public domain. They are owned and copyrighted by Lyric Lucas Use without permission is prohibited by law. All rights reserved.

NOTE: All my photographs are sold without the Fine Art America watermark. Thank you for your visit!


Still Life Emerging by Lyric Lucas


Ralph by Lyric Lucas


Barn Owl Chicks by Lyric Lucas


Stillness Of Being by Lyric Lucas


Autumn Reflections by Lyric Lucas


The Keeler Oak by Lyric Lucas


Cafe Gallery by Lyric Lucas


Virgin Mary by Lyric Lucas


Blue Heron by Lyric Lucas


Autumnal Spirit by Lyric Lucas


Dance Rehearsal by Lyric Lucas


Forest Princess by Lyric Lucas


Moonlight Garden by Lyric Lucas


In Beauty I Walk by Lyric Lucas


Henry by Lyric Lucas


FAME by Lyric Lucas


Inner Self by Lyric Lucas


Mount Hope Plantation by Lyric Lucas


Daydreaming by Lyric Lucas


Follow Your Dreams by Lyric Lucas


Aquatic Retreat by Lyric Lucas


Serenade by Lyric Lucas


Oblivion by Lyric Lucas


Marilyn Misted by Lyric Lucas


Pearl Of The Sea by Lyric Lucas


Connections by Lyric Lucas


The Author by Lyric Lucas


White Room by Lyric Lucas


Waiting For Inspiration by Lyric Lucas


Cocoon by Lyric Lucas


Blowing In The Wind by Lyric Lucas


Divine Messenger by Lyric Lucas


Tidings Of Joy by Lyric Lucas


A Poets Offering by Lyric Lucas


Somewhere In Time by Lyric Lucas


Spring Emerging by Lyric Lucas


George by Lyric Lucas


Puggie by Lyric Lucas


Beagle by Lyric Lucas


French Bull Dog by Lyric Lucas


Chihuahua by Lyric Lucas


Yorkie by Lyric Lucas


Moonlight Memory by Lyric Lucas


Lift Up Your Spirit by Lyric Lucas


Looking Back by Lyric Lucas


We Are Lost by Lyric Lucas


Fleeting Moment by Lyric Lucas


Dreamscape by Lyric Lucas